1. The blogging continues…

    The blogging continues…

    Photo 2-16-2014, 14 45 39

    And so even though it has been a while here.. I am still trying to keep going with the blogging. It’s not like it’s a difficult thing, I just really don’t have a lot of topics to cover. I’ve been very busy, but not with photography as much. I helped my girlfriend Chelsea with a fashion style shoot a while ago, and took a couple neat polaroids during that time.

    I continue to push forward with…

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  2. Shot some Polaroids while on a shoot with chelsea-heal and her model.


  4. Saturday snuggles with my buddy. Feels good to have a weekend off for once.

  5. Crisp, clean and filtered.

  6. Smile for the camera!

  7. New work. Studio set.

  8. New work from today

  9. brennahasfaith:

    Another look from my shoot today!

    My lovely model from today!

  10. brennahasfaith:

    Picture of a polaroid from my photo shoot today!

    My model I shot today
  11. Spent all morning playing in the studio.

    Sneak peek.

  12. fireandshellamari:

    A Very Merry Hallow!

    And a Happy New ‘Ween.

    (via corgiandapsofriend)